Thursday, December 30, 2010


I dont know, what I am going to wear for new year. This dress is made of sequins, and it's so pretty, and I love it.
This dress I got for christmas, it's so simple, and it is also made of sequins, and I love it too.
Which one do you think, I should wear?

I bought these heels yesterday in a departmentstore (Magasin). I'm going to wear those for new year.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Shirt from Topshop for £25
Flats from Topshop for £15

Skirt from Topshop for £10

Dress from Asos for £39

Skirt from Asos for £14

Bought a lace shirt for only kr 80!

I love the sale, that starts now! Yesterday I went to Lyngby a little shopping town in Denmark, which is near the capital Copenhagen. We went to many shops, but the highstreet shops like H&M, Vero Moda and Vila had not a great selection, but the swedish highstreet shop Monki had a lot of great stuff, that I prefer, instead of the things from the other big shops. I bought this cheap shirt from Monki for only kr 80, it was a scoop, because I have been looking for some like that shirt for many months. Hope you had an amazing christmas.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Skirt from Asos for 32£
Flat from Asos for 65£

Dress from Asos for 70£

Shirt from Asos for 95£

Shirt from Monki for 160kr

Shirt from Monki for 160kr

Knit from Monki for 200kr

Shirt from Topshop for 38£

Dress from Topshop for 50£

Belt from Zara for 26£

Dress from Zara for 26£

Flat from Zara for 40£

Leather jacket from Zara for 40£

Around the last months I have loved black. I don't know why, because actually I did'nt liked it in the start, but I have worn it the last months, to give it a chance, and now I see the point about this simple colour. I hope you guys love it too, otherwise try it.

Monday, December 20, 2010


Dress from Asos for 55£

Dress from Asos for 55£

Clutch from Jimmy Choo for 795€

Earrings from Asos for 10£

Heels from Kurt Geiger for 140£


This sequin dress from Zara

With these heels from Dune.

Think I'm going to wear those heels, but later in the evening I'm going to wear some flats.


Ring from Friis and Company for 100kr.
Boweaarings from a gift.
The other Earrings are from Pieces for 60kr.
The silver nailpolish is from Gosh for 60kr.
The glitter nailpolish is from OPI, and it's a gift.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Dress from Zara for 119£

Dress from Zara for 40£

Skirt from Urban Outfitters for 45£

Cardigan from Urban Outfitters for 38£

Shorts from Urban Outfitters for 35£

Dress from Topshop for 46£

Dress from Topshop for 45£
Wedges from See by Chloe for 2300kr

Bracelet from Rabens Saloner for 350kr

Clutch from Miss Selfridge for 12£

Dress from H&M for 349kr

Knit from Designer Remix for 1300kr

My farvorit item this week is the laced cardigan or the leather skirt. The wedges is also so fashionable, but too expensive.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Suede shorts from Topshop for 66£ (want them in grey, dark blue or black)

Ring from Topshop for 10£
Bag from Rika for 2200kr

Heels from Kurt Geiger for 100£

Mirror necklace from Forrest and Bob for 400kr

Perfume from Marc Jacobs for approx 500kr

Flat from Carvela at Kurt Geiger for 65£

Leather Jacket from Asos for 125£

Sequindress from Asos for 40£