Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Dress from Zara for 119£

Dress from Zara for 40£

Skirt from Urban Outfitters for 45£

Cardigan from Urban Outfitters for 38£

Shorts from Urban Outfitters for 35£

Dress from Topshop for 46£

Dress from Topshop for 45£
Wedges from See by Chloe for 2300kr

Bracelet from Rabens Saloner for 350kr

Clutch from Miss Selfridge for 12£

Dress from H&M for 349kr

Knit from Designer Remix for 1300kr

My farvorit item this week is the laced cardigan or the leather skirt. The wedges is also so fashionable, but too expensive.


  1. Another great collection, thank you!

  2. Dear...

    lovely first dress <333

    great sellection!

  3. love so much of this stuff.
    that second dress, those shorts from Urban Outfitters & those Chloe wedges.

  4. The second photo from zara is just lovely. ^^


  5. love that wedges by Chloe and a knitted cardi!


  6. I really love the cardigan from urban outfitters :o) So pretty!


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    These beautiful pieces, each one more perfect than the other.

  8. amazing clothes :---))
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  9. Oh I love that first white dress from topshop! And that dress from H&M is amazing! Gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm definitely going to follow yours!

  10. I love the dress from H&M! :)

  11. You put together so many cute items! Thanks for visiting my blog dear :)

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  13. what a great picks! i love and want them all! ^^

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  16. Fantastic clothes. You chose great sets:) I love Top Shop.
    I fell in love with a dress from Top Shop which is pictured at 6, and shoes from Chloe and bracelet from Rabens Saloner. These things are great.

  17. I like everything !
    You have a great blog (:

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  18. I love them all!

    It's amazing!

    A hug ^^

  19. Lovely picks! The leather look skirt is fantastic!

    xxx Charlie
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