Thursday, May 19, 2011


Love the pink one.

We have our last schoolday the 27th, and I have no idea, what I want to dress like, but I have a tu tu(strutskørt!!!!) that I will wear, because it's a must!

The weather doesn't look very good.

I have nothing to do, going to work later, so I thought, that I could make a long post, because I hadn't did that in very long time. I'm looking so much forward for the last schoolday. The next couple of weeks are going to be so great. Looking at old photos. Think it's going to be so weird, because next year these girls isn't my classmates any longer, but luckily all of us are starting at the same high school/upper secondary school.

I know, that I haven't blogged much, but I have been busy. Have been practising some dance for a performance. Actually it was last sunday. I have been working. Been busy with our show the last schoolday, and with exams of course. Hear weird music now. And yes we got a day off tomorrow!!!


  1. Elsker det billed med dine veninder, hvor i har katte knurhår<3:)

  2. Love Your moise-photo <3
    I have the same problem not blogging
    so much because of no time.

    I wanna invite you on my blog:

  3. Håber du havde en god sidste skoledag! Og hvor ville jeg ønske, at de to Dior neglelakke var hos mig. Nogle virkelig fine farver.