Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Friday we all went to a big high school party at out school. The theme was shrovetide, and people were dress very good. My friends and I were dressed as Spice Girls. From the left; Josefine as Posh, me as scary spice, Cecilia as baby spice, Charlot as ginger spice and Ida as sporty spice. We went to a pre party with our class. Actually we made a member more of the group, because we were six, but she went to another pre party with her class. She wore a dress with the british flag.

Sunday I went to an event in the danish fashion week called Ciff. It is a big exhibition, where there are many goodie bags and there is a catwalk, but we did not see that this time. I got this necklace, and some other stuff, but I think they have been cutting down the goodie bags because of the financial crisis. I only took one photo, but my friend Cecilia have posted it at her blog.

Looking forward to spend many hours with those, who are home in the winter holidays. Think I am going to shop very much. Just relaxing and having fun. Hope that snowy weather doesn't continue. I just want it to get warmer, so I can wear flats and a leather jacket again.

I decided to make a long post. So here is an update from my life and thoughts. I am in want of shopping a lot of stuff. My wardrobe is filled, but I am just tired of all those things I have. I really want some new stuff, even though I don't need it. When I went to the exhibition, there was a lot of fur, diamonds stones and sequins. Think I should shop something that combines some of those. Love the dress at the bottom. (All of the dresses are from Asos. Maybe you have noticed, that I have posted many dress from them, but it is because I love their dresses!)


  1. All the dresses are lovely :)

    Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;

  2. Haha, hvor er det fedt det øverste billede! :-).
    Rigtig skøn blog.

    Knus Sofie.